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Unilevel MLM Receipt

Unilevel MLM Receipt

Knowing about the plans of Unilevel MLM Plan is not much difficult. Unilevel mlm plan is easy to understand. So there is no need to know more about this scheme. By understanding the Unilevel mlm Plan, we can apply in the business in less time. Unilevel mlm plans are in the market for many years. Because of this it has become easy to understand the Unilevel MLM Plan. To get the benefit of this scheme, it is important to understand the Unilevel MLM plan.

Some of the features of Unilevel MLM Software are as follows:-

1. Pre login registration simply specifying the sponsor username.

2. Mark members as paid/unpaid from the admin.

3. Clear the genealogy tree.

4. A member can refer n number of members at a single level.

5. Specify the commission payable at each level of the network.

6. Regular bonus based on the number of referable.

7. Admin can keep complete details of each user.

8. View products in catalogue.

9. View/understand complete details of payouts.

10. Commission may be paid on goods sold.

11. Why is commission required on goods sold.

12. Processed clearance part.

13. User friendly payment calculation.

14. Reset All MLM Plans and MLM Data.

15. Member Dashboard, Comprehensive.

16. Member View Full Details of Individual Payment.

17. E-PIN Report.

18. Customer Reports.

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