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Online Exam Software & Test Maker

This is the only online exam software and test maker, you will ever need. Our software creates question banks & online tests easily to engage students in exams. Our online examination system set up exams that match diverse difficulty levels, grades and skills. The systems create online mock tests with great ease and speed to provide candidates with feedback to deliver a good learning experience.

Online Examination Software Are Practical & Handy

Our online exam management software is designed to be simple and easily operated. It offers test creation and instant live result features. From administrators to the students, the software is very easy to be used which makes it a better choice for all.

Fully Responsive Exam Management Software Design

It wouldn't matter which phone, pc, laptop or tablet, the student is using; the online exam management software will be fully responsive and uselful, on all devices. The students can run the software on any device. The students can contact customer support, in case of any doubt and confusions.

A New Innovation In The Exam Management System

Our exam management software has introduced an innovative approach to make online examinations more practical, engaging and resourceful for the candidates. The system offers smooth student registration or institution registration, synchronized user interface and immediate building of tests for you and your students.

Why to choose Codunite as your Online Examination Software?

Do you want serious online examination software for your institution? Do you want to hand out a lot of performance certificates on the basis of test wise rankings? Do you need a system to manage your bulk question back upload needs? Do you want to invite your students to connect on online assessment software to create online classrooms to hold practice test? Then, Codunite Online Exam Software is the best online test builder and reporting system for you.

Easy To Use

Perfect destination for practice exams, learning, preparation and more. The software is designed to meet the preparational needs of students. It provides a translational and smooth flow of relevant information.

State-of-the-Art Reporting System

Immediate computational results, instant generation of report card with accurate scores, quick feedback to book confidence and precision. The software is a perfect blend of detailed methodologies with complementary grades and skills.

Interactive Interface

Just a click and you are registered! Offers quick and easy test creation with synchronised processing, decoding of data, security and much more.

Suited Subscription

Finest selection to smart subscription to match the user's priorities and preferences of using online examination software.

Support And Assistance

Our support owls are 24 x 7 available to provide assistance. Our dedicated team of professionals work round the clock to offer streamlined access to our helplines.

Splendid Accessibility

You can practice the mock tests from wherever you want to, using our proactive online examination platform. Create or assign practice tests or build quiz, during any hour of the day. You would experience a lag-free perfectly coordinated performance of online practice exams on your devices.

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