Loan management

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Loan management solution

A loan management software is something which helps the bank in managing the entire process covered in lending and returning of that loan. To manage from scratch about loans, loan management software is management software manages the entire loan lifecycle from origin till processing the loan and collecting them. The loan management software should do loan refinancing and restructuring if needed. Codunite is providing one of the loan management software which will be the best suite for the Non-Banking Financial Companies, Microfinance Institutions, Credit Unions and other Lending Institutions. It is the one stop lending platform which completely tracks and manages the entire loan cycle.
Codunite is providing full featured Loan Management Software program that includes Loan Origination, Loan Servicing, Trust Accounting, Document Creation, Document Storage, Client Portals, Workflow Automation, Reporting, Collections and much more ​fully secured web based loan management software used all type of loans users can easily create a paperless loan file and process further for loan approval online. We also develop custom loan software including Case Management Systems (CMS), Loan Management Systems (LMS), Loan Origination Systems (LOS), loan servicing platforms, and CRM platforms.


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