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The use of FASTag has been allowed everywhere by the government. Fastag is being used for four wheeler vehicles. Fastag is mandatory for all four wheelers. The decision of Fastag by the government, with a new technology understanding, the problem of traffic was being seen more everywhere this was the reason that due to fastag, the gathering of four wheelers, reducing the traffic at toll plazas, this is a new method of electronic payment. Who has taken a right decision. The use of fastag by the government is as easy as our normal mobile recharge.

It has been made mandatory for all four wheelers by the government from 1st January 2021. The use of fastag has been a successful mission to a large extent.


What is Fastag

FASTag is an RFID. Which is used on toll high. This tag is linked to the customer's bank account. Due to which money is deducted from their account and the work gets done easily. Which is a good step. Ever since the government has implemented FASTag, there is good news for four wheelers.

FASTag can be recharged in many ways like 1,00,000 maximum amount, BBPS, credit card and debit card etc.


Many banks in India provide FASTag service. We can get fastag by connecting to the bank. Apart from this, fastag can be recharged anytime. According to some rules, some documents have to be submitted to take FASTag. Which is very important by the government. We cannot get fastag without submitting the paper.

• vehicle registration letter

• Driving license

• Pan card

• Passport size photo

• Fastag application form

• Some important document

Some of these documents are paper. Which have to be deposited to get FASTag in India. You can apply for FASTag through online mode. If you want to apply offline then you can get FASTag by applying offline.


We will talk about some of the benefits of Fastag, which is in the discussion of many people. Fastag has come since then. Since then there has been a lot of change from the government side.

• The problem gets resolved soon.

• You don't have to stop anywhere. Along with saving time, there is also relief from traffic.

• The problem of carrying cash at toll plazas is now over. The job is done online.

• The record of whatever transaction is done in FASTag is received. You can know well how much money is in your account.

• You can get fastag recharge done from BBPS.

• Fuel save

• Fast access


FASTag has a validity of 5 years. You do not need to buy FASTag again and again. Once you buy, you get FASTag service for 5 years. And you can recharge whenever you want.

FASTag is operational at more than 400 toll plazas. Soon the government is going to implement this on the rest of the toll plazas as well.


There are many advantages of using codunite portal for fastag. Not only does the customer get its benefit, but the service provider also gets many benefits from it. (MLM Software)

• Fast fastag recharge

• Instant payment service

• Can generate more business.

• Use of every successful transaction.

• Easily accessible by anyone.

• Fraud can be easily detected.

• 95% success ratio.

• Fast access.

• Good team player leader.

• India no. 1 company.

• Good feedback (according to customer)

• Good service in India.


Codunite is one of the company providing bbps portal in india. We have an updated and advanced bbps portal. It provides the facility of fastag recharge easily.

Avail FASTag service to save fuel, prevent wastage of time. You can contact anytime.

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