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Software is an important tool for online examination. This makes the exam process easier. This software will remove all the traditional methods of all the old-fashioned examinations and will help in conducting examinations online. Due to the increasing selection of Internet and computers, the demand in the field of education is increasing. It also creates exam environment. Which proves to be a good helper for the future of the students. Helps to get the job done at least.

Codunite Private Limited provides this type of service to reduce the burden of the teacher. Registered candidates can appear for the exam anytime. And you can send it from your smartphone tablet.

The field of online education is increasing day by day.

Examination future

  • Test Candidates are utilized to Digital
  • Diminished Administrative Burden
  • Faster to Mark and Issue Results
  • Community Question Authoring
  • Computerized Test Assembly Tools.
  • On-Screen Marking Tools
  • It's More Environmentally Friendly
  • Versatile with Worldwide Reach
  • security
  • Adaptability to take test anyplace
  • Evaluation announcing
  • Cost effectives
  • Evaluation than are available to all
  • Simple for Candidates to Use
  • Keeping up with the Integrity of the Exam
  • Make Better Assessments
  • A Total Assessment Solution
  • Computerization Of Planning And Scheduling
  • Evaluation Pattern Creation
  • Question Bank Management
  • Design Of Questions
  • Evaluation Of Integrated Rubrics
  • Simple Approval
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Moment Notifications
  • Web based Proctoring
  • Computerized Evaluation
  • Question Bank Management
  • Design Of Questions
  • Simple Approval
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Configurable Roles And Permissions
  • Reports And Dashboard
  • Result Analysis and Dashboards:
  • Significant cautions:

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