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Codunite B2B and B2C Portal

What is Codunite B2B Portal?

What services does codunite B2B portal provide and what services are availed.

How to start your own business with the help of Codunite B2B Portal.

B2B portal is a software solution and provides software for business. It provides online facility. Where we talk to each other about our business. Business collects information and I want to give you an example to explain it well. You will understand properly with the help of this example. You can start your business with digital marketing and sell any product. This business platform is called B2B. And you can talk to your businesses.

When you go to Flipkart website for shopping. So you have to sign in or register. You can buy something from that website whenever you go. This process is called B2C. Meaning you are a customer and flipkart is a business. I sincerely hope that you must have come to know what is the difference between B2B and B2C. Knowledge of B2B and B2C is very important for your business.

• India mart

• trade India

• Amazon

• Snap deal etc.

If you have business knowledge. If you want to do something further in the business, then you can make and sell your own brand. You do not need to spend much money for this. You can start a good business with less money.

What is Codunite Portal?

Codunite Software is a software solution. and provides banking facility for business. You can start your own business with Codunite B2B Portal.

Codunite is a software development company.We provide software Using Codunite B2B Portal you can get commission in the market by providing B2b, b2c select seller service to your member.

We have developed B2B advanced portal with a trusted team. And based on a new technology. Which helps you to reach your destination.

We will talk about what banking services Codunite is using. We will discuss about all the services.

Mobile recharge software

You can start your own online recharge service using mobile recharge software. And can provide facility of online recharge. Prepaid Mobile Recharge, Postpaid Mobile Recharge, Landline Mobile Recharge, Data Card Recharge, DTH Recharge etc.


AEPS allows all banks to access basic banking services using Aadhaar card fingerprint. Nowadays AEPS service is being used more. AEPS provides the service of Cash Withdrawal, Aadhar Pay, Micro ATM and Balance Enquiry etc. using the software. And you can get more commission. You can save your time by using Codunite AEPS service.

BBPS (Bharat Bill Payment System)

You must have heard the name of BBPS. Which allows its customers to make online bill payments. By using BBPS you can start online payment system anywhere.

• online water bill

• landline

• gas


• Recharge etc.

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